Publishing advertisements on television, radio & newspapers have become a large trouble for most sellers. Due to its cost and large process in publishing the advertisement. As a result at present, there are many free advertising websites introduced. Using free sites to advertise the goods and services that you are willing to sell or purchase has become a great help to all buyers and sellers. At present with the severe economic crisis has become a smart and great solution to that problem. is an effective tool to reach millions of people without any cost with the correct internet advertising chances. This provides an easy process in advertising with the least time-consuming.

Advantages or benefits of using to post your advertisement, provide a good platform to sell and purchase goods & services according to your wish and plan. allows all people around Sri Lanka to interact together to do their buying and selling without any trouble. is a user-friendly, less costly, and very attractive platform. You can do your transactions with one touch in a very short time. This platform functions 24 hours per day to provide the best experience for users. post ads free

Categories of advertisements that you can post your ad, has many categories of advertisements. This variety of categories enables buyers to easily navigate to their interested category while the sellers get the ability to easily advertise their ads by selecting the correct category of their product.

  • Vehicles
  • Property
  • Education & Tuition
  • Fashion & beauty
  • Electronics
  • Local Jobs
  • Foreign jobs
  • Business & Agriculture
  • Home & Garden
  • Hobby, Sport & Kids
  • Services
  • Pets & Animals
  • Wedding and Events
  • Medical & Health

These are some of the advertisement categories available in Buyers are able to purchase all Goods and Services they like through allows you to post your ad for free. And purchase products online easily.


Are you searching for a house for rent or on sale? Or are you searching for a website to post your ad to sell or rent your property? The best solution to your requirement is to interact with Post ads on properties. Buy houses, buy lands and even houses for rent.

You can post advertisements on all your properties available for rent or for sale over there. Any property around Sri Lanka can be bought as well as sold by visiting and interacting with

You can post your ad for free here.


At present, all buying and selling are becoming digitalized which will definitely increase the life of people. Online auto sales eliminate some of the difficulties associated with visiting physical vehicle dealerships to set rates and arrange for the purchasing of vehicles. As a result, will help to get all details about the vehicle you wish to buy with a single tap. Rather than having larger expenses in finding vehicles around the country by traveling. Post ads on vehicles and buy vehicles. You can buy cars, vans, bikes, lorries and even three-wheelers

You have the ability to post advertisements on all your vehicles which you are willing to sell and hire or that you are willing to purchase through Any type of vehicle at any price can be sold or bought here. You can get a very secure and easy service without any trouble through


Nowadays, most people have found it easy to sell and buy electronics via the internet. Make sure you select a good platform to post your ad on electronic items to make sure you sell it soon as possible. allows any electronic item in any condition to be sold to a large audience of buyers. Phones, tablets, computers TVs, refrigerators, and all other electronic equipments can be sold for a very reasonable advertisement cost through You can post advertisements on all your electronics that you are willing to sell without any obstacles. Sell electronics, buy electronics and get the best free ads experience through

Local and Foreign Jobs

Workable is hired by organizations all over the world to help them identify their talents and employ their talents to satisfy the company’s goals. Every job provider as well as a job seeker has the potential intension to advertise their job availability through the internet with less cost. provides free advertising space to all of them to hire people and also find jobs relevant to them all over the world. has provided many job opportunities to many people. Also, this has a large audience who seek jobs so that you will be able to find the best candidate for your job vacancy.

Final Words

We are one of the top advertising websites which provide a great consultancy service to all buyers and sellers. We interact with a large number of buyers and sellers to make sure they satisfy their shopping online with a greater and quick experience. also ensure that this becomes the best marketplace for both buyers and sellers to interact. is a Free websites to post ads.

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