You can successfully sell your products regardless of where you live in Sri Lanka if you know the right publishing site. Most people want to sell products that they no longer use. Sometimes, a product might not be beneficial to you, but someone else might be looking for something exactly like you own. The best thing to do to the items that you want to sell is to find a medium to post ad free of charge. So through this post, we are going to help you understand ways to sell products in Sri Lanka.

Look for the Best Site to Sell Your Product

There are many sites in Sri Lanka that you can use as a medium to sell your products. But finding a reliable and cost-effective site isn’t as simple as you assume. When looking for a site, you should make sure to check free classified sites because selling an item should bring you profit. If you select an ad free site, you would be able to make a profit without bearing a cost.

When discussing such sites, we can assure you that is an exception where you can post ads about the products you are planning to sell. There are different categories so you can pick the relevant category to post the product you want to sell. For example, if you are planning to sell a phone, you should select the ‘electronic’ category. The very first step to selling your product in Sri Lanka is to select the right site.

Open an Account to Enjoy More Benefits

Of course, you can publish ad free in Sri Lanka because there are sites that offer free ads that you should utilize wisely. For example, offers 10 free ads initially, and then, they would require you to open an account.

Even though the ad-free option is a great way to test the platform and maximize your benefit, it is also important to consider the benefits of membership. Just like for everything else, when you become a member, you will enjoy more benefits when selling the product.

You will be able to promote your ad or make it a featured ad so that it hits the buyers’ eye before anyone else’s ad. You will also gain a strong social media campaign to sell your products and services. Therefore, it is essential to select a site that is ad-free and user-friendly.

Post Your Ad Accordingly

Once you have opened an account, you can next do the needful to post your ad. When posting your ad, your product image should be clear and genuine. Buyers should be able to decide whether to purchase the product or not based on the picture.

After you have taken a few clear pictures, you can then decide the rate and upload it along with the pictures. Buyers will decide whether to negotiate your rate or not, and you can even chat with the buyer to conclude the deal.


In conclusion, we can say that one of the best ways to sell your product is to use a free ad publishing sites in Sri Lanka. You are not going to find many sites that allow to post free ads because it is seldom sites prefer ‘Post Ad Free’ option.

Therefore, using to sell your products to the right audience at a reasonable rate would be the best decision.

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