• 29/05/2020 14:58
  • Colombo 01, Colombo

We are a startup that creates articles, tutorials, blogs, user guides, documentation, and course content on IT related topics. 

We currently need a set of part-time remote workers to create blogs and tutorials on the following topics. 

We are primarily targeting people who have experience in one or more of the following topics. So the more topics you know, the more priority we will give you. 

  • WordPress
  • React / Vue / Angular
  • Python / Java / PHP – You should be good with all three
  • C# and the .Net framework
  • Data Science and Analytics with Python
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Cybersecurity and VPN
  • IoT, Robotics, and Networking
  • Software Testing, Automation, and QA
  • AWS / Azure

We will consider you, even if you aren’t knowledgeable about these topics, given that you have a good university education and great research and learning skills. So please ONLY apply if you have completed a 4 year IT/CS or Software Engineering degree at a recognized university. 

We write articles for Native English speakers, so you need to have excellent English writing skills for these articles.

In special situations, if you have the exceptional technical knowledge and/or we identify that you are highly dedicated to writing, we may even hire Sinhalese writers. For example, we would accept a Sinhalese writer for a topic like DevOps, as it is quite complex. However, Sinhalese writers will receive a comparatively lower payment as we have to incur additional charges for translation.

However, we will not accept sub-standard work. You will either need to have excellent English writing skills or be able to create great content in Sinhala.

We also need writers for the following tasks. However, we will only consider you based on your previous work, so don’t apply unless you can share some of your work with us. These writing tasks are meant for extremely fluent English writers.

  • Web content for IT service and products websites
  • Software documentation
  • User guides for software products
  • Creating Software Requirement Specifications (SRS)

Some of these topics have high demand, while others (DevOps/ AWS/ Azure/IoT) aren’t in too much demand. So, consider that before applying.

When you apply, clearly mention the language you are fluent in and the primary subject in which you are knowledgeable. Add two secondary subjects only if you feel comfortable with them. Please also ensure to mention the amount of experience and type of exposure you have had with each subject. If you don’t have the experience, but think you can research and write, mention that too.

We like people who are dedicated to our work. So please don’t apply if you are already too busy with your own work. Article deadlines are very tight, and there can be no delays.


  • Technical Writing in English and Sinhala
  • Remote work
  • Part-Time Work